I want to welcome you to this service, and hope you understand how privileged we are to be able to come together to MAKE this observance. On the Table before us, on which are the elements that represent to us the Body and the Blood of the Lord, and carved into the front of that Table, although you can’t see it right now, as it’s covered with a cloth…but on the front of that Table are the words “IN REMEMBRANCE OF ME”.

And of course the “ME” of the statement is Jesus Christ, our own Lord and only Savior…the One Who bore OUR sins, and who purchased OUR Pardon, by the pouring out of His Own Precious Blood!

And it is Jesus Himself Who calls us TO this Table, to celebrate this time together, through the partaking of these elements that represent His Body and Blood…His SACRIFICE, for US, so freely given; for the remission of sin.

So we are gathered together this morning to remember, but, remember WHAT? In an old copy of OMNI magazine I picked up while sitting in a doctor’s waiting room, there was an article about Steven Hawking, the famous physicist, discussing whether or not there might be OTHER ‘intelligent lifeforms’ out there in the Universe.

Hawking’s answer was “Absolutely”! He had no doubt whatsoever that there IS intelligent life out there! But, he said, the arrival OF one of those other lifeforms HERE, on OUR planet, would be as disastrous as the arrival of COLUMBUS was, to the indigenous life forms that ALREADY existed here. To the original inhabitants OF this “new world”, the arrival of Columbus brought only HARDSHIP and DESTRUCTION.

There was also a quote in that article from another astrophysicist, who’s involved in the SETI Program; the “Search For Extra-Terrestrial Lifeforms”…HE said there were probably at LEAST 10,000 intelligent civilizations in the Universe. But it didn’t say WHY he felt that way. It also quoted Carl Sagan, who thought there were probably a MILLION other lifeforms out there. But NONE of those men gave a REASON for why they thought that, and NONE of them were Theologians.

Well the title of this message is “Remember”, and that article made me remember one day long ago, standing outside with some friends, looking up at a star-spangled night sky-land, and one guy asking “With all those stars out there, is it possible that there IS life, somewhere else in this big Universe”?

Sometimes I get asked really TOUGH questions, but THAT was an EASY one. I said “Absolutely”! I KNOW beyond a DOUBT that God HAS created life elsewhere in His universe! There’s no question about it. We’re even told about it, in the Bible. They’re called ‘angels’.

But the question remains…if God has created TWO intelligent life forms, why not MORE? WHY would we think that, out of ALL those gazillions of stars and planets out there, only THIS one has ‘life’ on it?

But as soon as you suggest THAT, and especially to a Christian audience; like you guys are right now thinking…”What about JESUS? He Died for the souls of MEN, not ALIENS”!

And the only answer I have for THAT is, “Thank God it’s not OUR problem to DEAL with”. He’ll have to deal with that, and WE do NOT have all the answers. We don’t even know what QUESTIONS to ask! We have enough trouble dealing with the things we DO know.

IF God created life on some other planet, then I’m sure He made a way for that life to be Saved. OR, maybe there IS life out there on a LOT of planets, and ONLY on THIS one, did that life FALL into SIN, and NEED a Savior. But NONE of that is OUR problem.

WE are called to REMEMBER what God has done HERE, for US, through Jesus Christ, His Son. But, you know, man usually thinks he has to HAVE all the answers, and usually ends up making a fool of himself.

Sorta like this: Some 50 years ago, a paleontologist found a fossilized TOOTH, out in Nebraska. He determined that tooth came from an early ancestor of man…called him “Omaha Man”, and based on the size of the tooth, he determined the man’s head had to be ‘so big’. And his body must be ‘SO big’. And his DIET must have consisted of ‘these types of foods’. He developed an entire LIFESTYLE and SOCIAL STRUCTURE for this early ancestor of man, all based on this ONE single fossilized tooth he found, which was later and conclusively proved to have come from a PIG.

Now, I’ve watched people at some of these ‘all-you-can-eat’ restaurants, and I’ll tell you, the idea that man evolved from PIGS, is a whole lot easier to accept than that “monkey story”!

But see, that’s the problem with the race of man. We are not NEARLY as SMART as we THINK we are! Not too long ago, when I was a high school student…and no snickering, it wasn’t all THAT long ago…but back then, the prevailing scientific thought was that life could not exist without sunlight. And this points out the biggest PROBLEM with ‘scientific theory’; and that is, that it soon becomes ‘scientific FACT’. Just by being REPEATED often enough!

So, in school we were taught that without sunlight, ‘photosynthesis’ could not take place, and without THAT, ‘life’ couldn’t exist. A THEORY, that was ACCEPTED as FACT…at the time.

But SINCE then, man has ventured into the ‘Mariana Trench’, the DEEPEST part of the ocean, nearly 5 miles down, where sunlight could not POSSIBLY penetrate. There, at the bottom of the ocean, with NO sunlight, with PRESSURES that would CRUSH a man to JELLY…and with volcanic vent spewing water at hundreds of degrees…where obviously no HUMAN life could exist, yet still, LIFE was there, in abundance! Life FLOURISHED there, in MANY different forms!

So, what did scientific man DO with his theory that life wasn’t possible without sunlight? He just set it aside, and pretended it never existed!

So, WHY am I bringing all this up? It’s because OF that “monkey story”. See, not too awful long ago, back in the 1920s, a widely-publicized trial was held, for a man named Stokes, who was charged with teaching EVOLUTION in a public school. The trial shocked and scandalized the nation, the very IDEA of suggesting that MAN descended from MONKEYS! The nation was OUTRAGED! But, that was in the 1920s.

Today, in Arizona, a law has been passed that DEMANDS the teaching OF evolution in those public schools, and the teaching of CREATIONISM is banned.

Evolution is a THEORY. It has NEVER been PROVEN. It CAN’T BE proven. And yet it is being taught to our children as accepted FACT.

The BIBLE tells us that GOD created the world and everything IN it, by the Power of His VOICE, alone! And we are told that man was created AS he now IS, and that he has REMAINED unchanged, ever since.

Evolution, on the other hand, wants you to believe THIS: that millions and millions of years ago, some CHEMICALS existed, by themselves. And then they kinda WIGGLED themselves TOGETHER, to form a “Primordial SOUP”. And out OF that soup, LIFE happened. But they never tell you HOW that happened, because they’re grasping at straws to begin with. We’re just expected to BELIEVE it!

Well, then life formed CELLS, and then SIMPLE ANIMALS, and then COMPLEX animals…and FINALLY, MAN emerged. And man then wandered this planet for MILLIONS of years, until, about 6000 years ago, man learned how to WRITE, and then began to leave a RECORD of his existence.

The BIBLE on the other hand, tells us that, some 6 or 7 thousand years ago, God created Man, and Man SINNED! See, GOD’S version of how we got here says that we are the product of the Creative intervention of an incredibly Intelligent and incredibly Powerful individual!

Evolutionists want you to believe that you ‘just happened’, and that you are no different than, or better than, an ANIMAL! They want you to believe that, as a random accident, you have no PURPOSE, and no GOAL!

It seems to me that it takes a lot more faith to believe that we all just HAPPENED, than to believe that God rolled up His Sleeves, and made ADAM out of the dust of the earth…A LOT more!

Well, we have gathered here this morning to REMEMBER…so let’s remember EVERYTHING. Genesis 1:1 says “In the Beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth, and the Earth was formless and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God HOVERED over the face of the deep”. In Hebrew, those two words, “formless” and “void”, in Hebrew they can be translated as “emptiness” and “confusion”. They are the words “tohu” and “brouha”. You’re probably familiar with the YIDDISH word, ‘brouhaha’, meaning ‘turmoil’ or ‘riot’.

1st Corinthians 14:33 says “God is not the author of confusion”. So God did not CAUSE the ’emptiness and confusion’, but He was putting together a plan to DEAL with it.

“The Spirit of God ‘moved’ or ‘hovered’, or ‘brooded’ on the face of the deep”…however your particular version reads. What it MEANS is: EVERYTHING that HAS happened, and ever WILL happen, was all thought out then.

Before the continents first emerged from the sea, God saw Man in the Garden…saw him fall…saw the results OF that fall…and He saw the NEED of supplying a CURE, for the sickness of SIN!

AND He knew that the only POSSIBLE Cure, was the LIFES-BLOOD, of His Own SON! And that is the SAME Son we read about, at the START of this message…where we saw “In the beginning was the WORD, and the Word was with God, and the Word WAS God”!

God the Son created the world that He Himself would one day have to be Born into…where He would be REJECTED, by the very people He had called to be His OWN people…His own Chosen Race.

And He would have to be nailed to a Cross, and lifted up to suffer and die…to finally SUPPLY that CURE for the sickness of sin.

And after ALL He has done for us, all He asks in return, is that we REMEMBER…how He GAVE His BODY to be BEATEN and BRUTALIZED, and gave His BLOOD to be POURED OUT as a SACRIFICE!

And He gave us this observance, and asked ONLY that we KEEP it, and REMEMBER what he has done FOR us!

So on this Table before us we have BREAD, unleavened bread, and we have the UNfermented Juice of the grape. And they REPRESENT His BODY and His BLOOD, freely given for OUR Salvation!

And this morning you will be asked to come TO this Table, and REMEMBER, in GRATITUDE, what GOD has done for us, which WE could NOT do for ourselves.